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Department of Chemical Technology of Drugs organizes extracurricular research activities for students. Students are invited to work on their own projects about 5-15 hours per week under direct professional supervision carrying out the experimental work and making the day-to-day decisions on the research and focus research on the most productive directions. Much of the synthetic medicinal chemistry aspects require expertise knowledge of practical synthetic inorganic and organic chemistry and a thorough understanding of the analysis of complex reaction products. At the moment two scientific groups conduct research at the Department within extracurricular activities:

(i) Macrocyclic Chemistry and Nanotechnology Group (Tomasz Koczorowski, MSc );

(ii) Drug Design and Synthesis Group (Dr. Marcin Wierzchowski, PhD).

The performed research and the possibility to publish it in world widely recognized journals helps young researchers to establish further scientific career. Many graduate students have continued their research during PhD studies at PUMS. Many projects conducted by students were awarded, especially with

(i) The Second Special Prize and The First Prize within Pharmacy Session at the International Congress of Young Medical Scientists, Poznan 11-12.05 2012;

(ii) The first place in national contest for the best research projects carried out by students - Struna 2011;

(iii) many Prizes at the Master’s Thesis Competition of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Division of Laboratory Medicine of Poznan University of Medical Science;

(iv) Congratulation letters from the President of the Poznan University of Medical Sciences in recognition of exceptional scientific achievements.

At the moment students extracurricular activities at the Department of Chemical Technology of Drugs are unique at PUMS as in the collaborative research students of 3 faculties at PUMS: Faculty of Medicine I, Faculty of Medicine II and Faculty of Pharmacy are involved. Students have access to research facilities in the Department of Chemical Technology of Drugs at PUMS. All the infrastructure and equipment is available to support this research. In particular, chemical reactors, rotavapors, UV-Vis, fluorimeter, cyclic voltammetry apparatus and computer aided drug design software. Students have full access to the e-library at PUMS which has electronic subscriptions to nearly all relevant journals worldwide.

The Department is engaged in the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) STudent Exchange Program. Last, but not least, students organized at the Department special programme for secondary schools named “From Aspirine to Porphyrazine” enabling them to show the excitement of cutting edge scientific research. The programme for pupils belonging to two secondary schools in Poznan embraces aspects of nanotechnology and modern medical therapies and implements to the non-scientific audience latest chemical developments.

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